Create PHP Admin Panel In Just 5 Minutes Part 2

This repository is developed upon the following tools:


This repository contains setup for rapid development:

  • Multi-tenant (e.g. Frontend Website, Admin Panel, API) website in single application
  • Modular design by CodeIgniter HMVC extension
  • Custom config files (sites.php, locale.php) for easy configuration of website behavior
  • Admin Panel with AdminLTE v2 theme, and Grocery CRUD integration
  • Admin Panel includes usage of Sortable library
  • API Site with Swagger UI integrated, via annotations supported by swagger-php library
  • API Site to handle RESTful endpoints, with shortcut functions to grab parameters and display results
  • User authentication for Frontend Website (Sign Up, Login, Forgot Password, etc.)
  • User authentication for Admin Panel (Login, Change Password, etc.)
  • Preset layouts and templates
  • Preset asset pipeline (e.g. minify scripts, image optimization) via gulp (reference from gulp-starter)
  • Preset data structure for Blogging (with pagination) and Cover Photos (carousel), which can be managed from Admin Panel
  • Form Builder library to help with form rendering with Bootstrap theme, form validation, etc.
  • Breadcrumb and Pagination handling fit with Bootstrap theme
  • Custom 404 pages for Frontend Website and Admin Panel
  • Multilingual support
  • Email config setup
  • Functions to be called from CLI (e.g. daily cron job, database backup)
  • … more coming!


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3 Comments on “Create PHP Admin Panel In Just 5 Minutes Part 2”

  1. umm… when i downloaded the code i opened it did whatever i was told by your video but when i opened it, it gave me an error that:
    C:\xampp\htdocs\panel\application\core\MY_Controller.php on line 86
    C:\xampp\htdocs\panel\system\core\Common.php on line 694
    how do i fix that?

    thanx in advance

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